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We explain our services in three different categories that you find your needs under any conditions.

Jewelry 3D Design

Jewelry Designing Service

As our services start with CAD Jewelry Design (3D Jewelry Design), we make 3D Jewelry Designs depending on your order that can be printed with any type of prototype. You can use this 3D model to make the rubber mold making or to make more by direct casting the printed parts.
Our 3D designer team is jewelry makers who also do 3D jewelry design. This helps us to follow all the important points to make flawless pieces of jewelry in the 3D design process, which increases the speed and quality of production and reduces the side costs of the jewelry manufacturing process. Our team is also in touch with you after ordering to get the best result for you.

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Jewelry Prototyping Service

These days 3D printers are the fastest, cheapest, and most accurate way to build prototypes in all industries. The jewelry industry is also engaged. evolution in the 3D printing industry has made it both cheaper to use and more accessible to everyone. We use “RapidShape” and “3DSystems Projet MJP series” 3D printers, which are definitely the best in the jewelry industry. We also provide a jewelry prototyping service. for more information contact us, please.

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Jewelry Manufacturing Service

At SUPPLIER.JEWELRY, you have all of the jewelry manufacturing services in one place. We brought professionals together to provide the best services so you no longer need another service provider. We love our work and you will find it in every jewelry piece.

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