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Who We Are

Working with honesty and trust has led to four generations of our presence in the jewelry business

At Supplier.Jewelry, we offers high-quality jewelry manufacturing services. We are committed to satisfaction of our clients through long-lasting business relationships. It is our belief, that the right balance of innovation, sets us apart from other manufacturers.
We employ experts to create a synergy of craftsmanship and precision. there is always room to advance our business excellence.
Supplier.Jewelry,  is the manufacturer and exporter of sterling silver and gold jewelry in Istanbul-Turkey.
Since 2008, Supplier.Jewelry has been providing one-stop services to jewelry professionals worldwide. Our clients come from over 32 countries and range from luxury high street boutiques and online retailers. We are proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in the jewelry industry.
Supplier.Jewelry, is powered by experienced professionals with decades of experience in the field. This expertise accommodates a wide range of styles and exclusive custom designs.
Supplier.Jewelry has the experience to transform your vision into the product. We have manufacturing techniques, blending old and new methods to give you the best result.


we do not only support you through every step of the jewelry manufacturing process with our services. We work just hard on our small batches as we do with our mass production, and our attention to detail, quick process, and reasonable price separate you from your competitors.

At Supplier.Jewelry, your success is our mission. We make you sure to be satisfied with our work. It’s all about the balance between quality and manufacturing lead time and of course reasonable price. We’re here to support you on your business journey.

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